About The Garden

Welcome to my sanctuary! My name is Mecca Robinson, 21 years  young, and native to Los Angeles, California. Drawing since as long as I can remember, (possibly kindergarten) creating art has always been my passion from simple cartoon doodles to personal paintings made fresh from the heart. Having multiple interests in the art world, it's hard to stick in one department. There's just so much the world has to offer! Specializing in doodling, I also practice producing animation, graphic art, graphic novels,and slowly moving into fashion design. My goal in life is to inspire the minds of all ages to create their own pieces that visually communicate the stories they have to tell. Early this year, I told myself I'd make more pieces that were physical instead of digital, packed with more meaning and sometimes, thought-provoking. So I'd like to encourage you to check out my gallery in the comfort of your home or wherever you are right now and enjoy the show. No plane or exhibit ticket is required~